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             One of the most advanced customer portals in the industry,
                                                     VSelect is truly a one of a kind management tool.

Our simplified bill is easy to read and was designed from the ground up by the requirements of our customers. Your account team will work with you to address your individual billing requirements.

image VSelect gives you the ability to...

For Voice Customers  
  • View your statement online.
  • Generate advanced usage reports
  • Search you call records.
  • Generate a paper bill
  • All in near real-time accuracy
For Data Customers  
  • View uptime reports for your network.
  • View Information for each circuit as well as its status.
  • Open/Close Trouble Tickets
  • Generate comment/notes for each circuit
Plus, by utilizing our own Network Ping Engine, we can monitor your entire network by pinging each circuit every two minutes, ensuring network stability.
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