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Switched ImageWhich Switched Long Distance Service is Best?

The right answer is the one that gives you the lowest total phone bill with the voice quality and reliability you need to effectively conduct business.

Velocity makes choosing long distance service easy. Instead of a myriad of calling plans to decipher, we offer simple flat rate pricing plans for all of your calls. Your rates are the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you know exactly how much you will pay every time you make a call. With the Velocity Voice Guarantee, your savings will be at least 10/% over your current carrier.

Switched PhoneContact A Velocity Representative today, so you may take advantage of the lowest rates, crystal-clear connections and excellent service over Velocity's world-class network.

►► Inbound Toll Free (8XX)

Toll-free service provides a cost-effective method for customer contact and support for pre- and post-sales, order taking, product support, general information and other key customer service functions. Businesses of all sizes use toll-free numbers for their customers to reach them and for employee access to voice mail and remote dial-in applications. Toll-Free services can streamline operations while reducing costs and increasing customer loyalty. Velocity Toll Free Service offers standard and customized toll-free packages that allow businesses to maximize customer satisfaction, increase sales and improve employee productivity.

►► International Long Distance

Switched PhoneCompanies that conduct international business need to extend their reach. Even with the Internet, the ability for international customers to easily reach your U.S.-based business via a live conversation is essential to differentiating your offerings and increasing your international penetration and customer retention. The Velocity International Voice Network consists of multiple layers for redundancy and fail-safe measures to ensure international call completion. Plus, the Velocity International Network separates retail and wholesale traffic to eliminate contention. Integrate Velocity International service into your communications package to create a comprehensive and flexible long-distance service that guarantees completed calls with better quality and lower costs.

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