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What is SIP Trunking?

A SIP Trunk is a single voice call, routed over your Internet connection. Our SIP Trunking solution uses your Internet connection to bring voice the services of tomorrow to our clients today. Trunks are purchased according to the number of anticipated simultaneous calls in an enterprise. If you find you need more call capacity, you can simply add trunks as needed. Our SIP Trunking solution is your conduit to a converged IP world. The primary benefit of SIP trunks is that they can be purchased one at a time, compared with other solutions that must be purchased in increments of 23 or 24 channels. The dramatic cost savings and increased voice quality of all IP transport is making SIP trunks increasingly popular.

SIP Phone
Managed SIP Trunking Makes Your Business Life Easy

Velocity is your first step towards a converged voice and data solution. SIP makes it possible to save on local and long distance calling, while retaining your existing phone system.

This efficient way of combining voice and data onto one Internet connection will make your life easier, while enjoying free on-network calling between your corporate locations.

Some Advantages of SIP

 ► Provides a private, secure, 24/7 managed voice network
 ► Lowers equipment costs Offers converged networks (voice, video and data services)
 ► Delivers advanced disaster recovery capabilities
 ► Provides access to BounceTels hosted voice solutions and hosted call center solutions

The Flexibility of SIP

In the ever changing landscape of IP communications, SIP offers a huge opportunity to reinvent how businesses communicate. The potential of SIP has had a prolonged effect throughout the industry with equipment vendors and service providers exploring how best to leverage this market opportunity. Some of the primary drivers for SIP in the industry include:

 ► Easy deployment of multimedia applications through seamless voice, video, and data integration
 ► Instant messaging capabilities
 ► Application integration through SIP support in Windows 7
 ► 3G Mobile device support

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