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Looking for dependable, feature-rich local voice
           solutions to meet the demanding needs of your business?

Velocity offers a broad range of reliable local voice solutions to help your business be more productive.

Your local voice services are probably your most heavily used communications services. Local services provide for everything from basic phone service to voice mail and directory assistance. At Velocity, reliability and competitive pricing backed with feature-rich offerings form the foundation for all of our local services. Whatever your local service needs, Velocity has them covered.

Whether your business has one location in a single market or many offices across the nation, Velocity makes it simple for you to buy local services. That's because Velocity offers standard product features across all of our markets, along with standard product names and functionality. Imagine that - local services available in over 70 markets nationwide from one supplier with one simple invoice.


Switched PhoneContact a Velocity Representative today, so you may take advantage of the lowest rates,
crystal-clear connections and excellent service over Velocity's world-class network.
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