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Velocity's Dedicated Long Distance for Businesses

Business phone calls are mission-critical, allowing businesses to stay in touch with their current and potential customers, no matter where they are in the world. Dedicated Long Distance services allow businesses to receive a cost-effective and reliable, long-distance solution.

Dedicated Long Distance services also provide companies with the ability to place outbound long-distance calls over a dedicated connection between the premise equipment and the provider's long-distance network. This results in a crisp voice service delivered over a high-performance digital communications network.

Corporate offices, call centers, and other businesses that can aggregate long distance traffic to a single point will benefit, including retail, healthcare and insurance enterprises. Dedicated Long Distance services allow businesses with heavy long-distance use to receive lower usage rates on a connection designed for reliability, privacy and security.

     Is A Dedicated T1 Right For Your Business? - What you need to know!

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Switched PhoneContact a Velocity Representative today, so you may take advantage of the lowest rates,
crystal-clear connections and excellent service over Velocity's world-class network.

imageDedicated Long Distance Benefits include the following:
  ► Low, flat rates for interstate and intrastate calls
  ► International calling nearly anywhere in the world with highly competitive rates.
  ► Potential to reduce network costs by consolidating long-distance traffic onto a single dedicated line
  ► Engineered for privacy and security; connects directly to Level 3's long distance network

Business communication with customers and clients is extremely important. That's why upgrading to Dedicated Long Distance services can be a beneficial and crucial part of a company infrastructure. Customers will always be close by with a reliable and cost-effective long distance solution.

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