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Conference Calling For Your Business

Velocity's simple to use, feature-rich Conference Calling service saves traveling expenses and time while allowing you to make presentations, conduct meetings, and collaborate on projects from diverse locations. Conference-bridge access, with or without operator assistance is offered. Conference calling is the fastest growing communications tool that allows you to stay in touch with clients and employees without the expense of travel and loss of productive time.

The best part of Velocity's conference calling feature is that it allows for spontaneous meetings anywhere in the world without ever having to leave your office.

Call 1•866•Y•VELOCITY today to set up your service to be activated at anytime.

Switched ImageOur on-demand conferencing allowing you to initiate a conference 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - without the need to make a reservation or use operators. Holding a conference is as simple as dialing a permanent number and entering a conference code.

  ► No reservations required
  ► Moderator controls all conference commands
  ► No operators necessary
  ► Moderator can dial out to all participants directly from the conference
  ► No time limits
  ► Fast and easy to use
  ► Operator assistance available

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