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Hospitality Internet Access Utilizing VBand Appliance
Velocity's Hospitality service allows customers with a high number of users to obtain much higher bandwidth for a much lower price than traditional T1 solutions.
imageSpecializing in visitor-based networks, Velocity offers reliable high-speed internet access and broadband solutions for a variety of hospitality venues, from hotels and motels, to hospitals, office complexes, and public areas. Combining the power of our VBand Appliance with our VSelect Interactive Online Tool, we are able to offer a solution that is one of the best in the industry while still fitting into your budget.

Our Internet Access solutions come with many advantages...
 ●Nationwide onsite tech support and installation by our own nationwide
   network of trained technicians, available within 3 to 4 hours notice.
 ●Our In-house Polling Engines will ping your entire network every two
   minutes and send alerts and open trouble tickets for down circuits for
   maximum network uptime.
 ●24/7 Telephone technical support from our Tier3 support staff
 ●Access to our own industry leading VSelect Interactive system, which
   allows you to view real-time network information, reports and stats, as
   well as follow trouble ticket status opened by our support staff
 ●Our VBand Appliance at each location feeds real-time information
   back to our servers allowing us to add an extra level of network
Fully Managed "Ultimate Solution"
for Hospitality Internet Access

Increase your bandwidth 4-8 times for
less than your current solution!


What's Included in "Ultimate Solution"

● Dedicated Internet Circuit(s)
● LEC Install
● Modem/Router
● VBand Appliance
● VBand Install
● Static IPs (up to 10)
● Customized Setup
● Reporting
● Trouble Tickets
● VSelect Billing
● Bill Consolidation
● Platinum Install
● VSelect Portal
● 24/7 Live Support

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