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VSecure's Managed Network Security Services and appliances are the most up to date solutions to protect your company's associated information assets.
We can help lower the costs associated with information security management, monitoring and support for any size company or organization.
imageCompliance is more than good business. It's now a requirement.
With industry standards and regulatory statutes, businesses are now faced with more complex requirements on how they protect critical information. From consumers to employees, all are demanding that corporations and organizations secure data in almost every communication channel imaginable.

Network Security ... POWERED BY VELOCITY
● Continuous, expert analysis with minimal false positive reports.
● Automated analytics and correlation technologies monitor trends for indications of
   unusual or suspicious activity.

 ● Extensive reporting options summarize events and facilitate the review of event specific
   details as necessary.
 ● Provide valuable insight and demonstrate a proactive security posture.
 ● Identifies and prioritizes security-relevant events.
 ● Your log data is systematically and securely normalized and added to a database
   of security events.

 ● Ongoing monitoring and analysis.
 ● If a problem is found, you'll receive immediate notification so it can be resolved,
   thereby minimizing any potential risk.
 ● Security engineers are prepared to respond on a 24/7 365 basis, in accordance with
   customized notification and escalation policies designed by your team and VSecure.



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