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● ECMP (Equal-Cost Multi-path Load-Balancing) and Failover
● Real Time Network Monitoring
● Stateful Inspection Firewall, Full ACL Support, DOS Protection and ALG
● URL Filter and built in Support for WebSense Content Filtering
● IPSEC VPN (Virtual Private Network) featuring DES, AES and 3DES
● Advanced Network Reporting with Usage Reports and Forecasts
● Full Featured QOS
● Traffic Monitoring (NetFlow 9)
● DHCP, Client, Server and Relay (multiple pools)
● VOIP QOS Monitoring and MOS (Mean Opinion Scoring)
● Full RADIUS AAA and TACACS+ support featuring Multi-level access control

Velocity offers reliable high-speed internet access and broadband solutions to fit your needs. Our customers include retail, hospitality, office complexes and hospitals, ranging from one to ten thousand or more locations.
Combining the power of our VBand Appliance with our VSelect Online Interactive Portal, we are able to offer a solution that is one of the best in the industry, while remaining within your budget. Velocity offers a diverse range of bandwidth options to meet the demands of your company.

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