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360 Advantage Project Rollout & Management

Experienced Project Management
Whether you need to install 1 circuit or 10,000 circuits, our experienced project managers will assemble a qualified team of technicians, field managers, resource managers and project support personnel dedicated to the success of your project. A team that will finish your job on time, per specifications and on budget. With no equipment sales or other hidden agendas, our purpose is clear: we want to implement your rollout in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.

imageOrder Receipt
Utilizing our advanced provisioning system, we are able to process orders, whether it is 1 circuit or 10,000 circuits. Our skilled team of Account Managers will work with you to ensure a smooth rollout of your project.

Carrier Prequalification
After we have received your order, our provisioning team will search our network of over 150 carriers, to find suitable internet solutions to accommodate your needs.

Customer Release
When suitable carriers are found, Velocity will present you with a detailed proposal, outlining your options and pricing for each location/circuit.

Carrier Order
Once we are authorized to proceed with your order, your assigned Account Manager will work with each individual carrier to ensure the order is processed and the circuit is ready for installation.

Circuit Installation
When the circuit is ready to be installed at your location, your Account Manager will coordinate with a contact at each site to ensure the carrier technician has adequate access to install the circuit.

Equipment Installation
GGE, our in-house technician management department, will visit the site to install any additional equipment, immediately after the carrier installation, utilizing their nationwide network of over 800 skilled GGE Technicians.

24/7 Monitoring & Support
After your circuit is online and is tested for stability, our 24/7 NOC support team will utilize the power of VSelect along with our custom built polling server to ensure that your circuit remains online.

In the event that a circuit goes offline, our monitoring system will open a trouble ticket and alert our NOC team within minutes of the outage. They will then get to work diagnosing the problem and developing a solution to bring the circuit back online.

After the NOC team has exhausted available solutions to repair the problem with our in-house troubleshooting tools, they will immediately dispatch the carrier and/or a GGE technician to the location to ensure minimal downtime.

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