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MPLS - Multi Protocol Label Switching

MPLS has changed how wide area network service is implemented. Where frame relay and ATM networks used to rule the landscape, now MPLS networks are the way to go. This technology enables clean and accurate transfer of data from one network node to another by using virtual links and encapsulation. Many of the carriers we represent are now offering great promotions to assist you in migrating your legacy frame relay and ATM services over to their label switching networks. If you are implementing IP Telephony within your organization then an MPLS network is mandatory. In the years to come many of the applications that businesses will use will require this technology.

MPLS is a private IP VPN, combining the flexible any-to-any communication found on PSTN or Internet with the reliability, quality and security delivered via Private Line, Frame Relay or ATM services.

It offers differentiated performance levels and prioritization of delay and non-delay sensitive traffic as well as voice and multimedia applications - all on a single network. A range of management options are available including supply and management of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), providing a fully managed solution. Alternatively unmanaged options are also available to provide companies with the flexibility to manage their own CPE.


MPLS supports applications that cross geographic and company boundaries in the form of intranets, extranets and, in the future, community of interest networks (COINs). MPLS offers:

Flexibility   ►► In today's fast-paced business environment, your company needs to be able to respond quickly to change. MPLS solution can help you keep pace. With MPLS, you can easily deploy new applications on your network to support changing business needs. At the same time we offer rapid configuration and provisioning so as your organization grows or you add or move international locations, you can do so quickly and easily. And, when combined with our broad portfolio of IP and networking services, MPLS enables you to tailor and enhance your global network to suit varying application requirements.

Global Availability   ►►MPLS is a truly global service, providing coverage and support to over 70 countries from over 1000 PoPs. Customer support is provided 24 hours per day x 7 days per week with consistent service surround including local language and "feet-on-the-street" support in each location, plus a single point of contact for provisioning and troubleshooting.

Performance   ►►Not all of your network traffic is likely to be equally time-sensitive. Real-time and mission critical applications might need priority over web surfing traffic, or possibly web-based applications are an essential part of operations. MPLS enables the consolidation of all of your applications onto a single network while prioritization of traffic into different Application Classes, optimizing network usage for the types of applications you are running.

Single Network - Single Source   ►►As end to end, fully managed service from we can help you realize cost savings by relieving you of network management expense and headache.

Security and Reliability   ►►MPLS is a secure service, utilizing leading edge IP and MPLS technology to isolate packets on the network - your data remains confidential and your network is protected from outside intrusion. Network traffic is monitored and proactively managed.In the future, MPLS will offer the ability to link to other VPNs on the BT MPLS network, providing a comprehensive solution for Extranets and COINs.

Consultancy   ►►Optimizing an IP VPN Service can be challenging.

Matching applications with the class of service requirements, defining and optimizing the routing protocol architecture, migrating from Data Networks and troubleshooting inter-working problems can all add to the complexity. Velocity can assist customers with its extensive in-depth expertise in MPLS VPNs and IP VPN Class of Service.

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