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Velocity Headquarters ► 7130 Spring Meadows West Drive
Holland, Ohio 43528
Call Us ►Phone: 419•868•9983
Toll Free:1•866•Y•VELOCITY (1•866•983•5624)
GGE Techs:1•888•GGE•4•DSL (1•888•443•4375)
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As the leading global provider of Managed Intregrated Services and Telecomunication Services, Velocity is seeking ambitious, flexible and energetic individuals to join our team.
Velocity is passionate about providing a richer experience for our employees. They believe in doing the right things and doing things right - and are encouraged to do so. They are guided by our leaders but led by our own initiatives and passion.
We want to make sure we invest in our employees and continuously challenge them, adding to their rich base of skill sets. We thrive in an open work environment that enables us to bounce ideas and solutions off each other in a constant effort to deliver the best in voice and data services.
We love technology and it shows!
If you you feel you have what it takes to be a part of our team, feel free to stop in or mail / email your resume to us.
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