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We run the company "hands-on", making it our mission to develop fully-integrated, bundled programs while maintaining a streamlined, highly efficient, steadfast company. This allows Velocity to offer excellent rates and more flexibility to you, our most valuable asset.
Setting the Standards For The Next
             Generation Of Managed Intregrated Services

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Unburdened by the need to upgrade an aging network, we have been able to launch operations with state-of-the-art technology and a solid focus on providing high-quality services utilizing the strongest and most reliable Tier-1 Networks in the world, while coupling it with our own secure and reliable network.

A financially strong and highly successful company, Velocity has built a staff of dedicated professionals who are there to meet your telecommunication needs. The collective expertise of management, sales, technical and support personnel, ensures customized leading-edge products and services of unsurpassed quality and reliability. Moreover, our service department is customer-focused and committed to providing timely implementation and unparalleled support. Dedication to customers goes far beyond the sale. We strive to develop personal relationships, understand needs, and maintain the highest level of service.image
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